CNC Router -Educational Series


◆ 1. High Rigidity--Cast Iron Body
◆ 2. High Accuracy--HIWIN/AMT Linear Guiderail, Ball Screw from Germany and Bearing from NSK.
◆ 3. Massive Memory Capacity: Standard allocation of 32Mb inner memory capacity which can save 9 processing files simultaneously.
◆ 4. Offline Operate: You can operate the machine offline without occupying more computer resources.
◆ 5. Convenient Operation: Power off restoration, broken point continuation, working time anticipation.
◆ 6. Milled Aluminum Working Table can keep the table on the same level.
◆ 7. Three colors for your choose: Blue, Red and Gray.
◆ 8. CE Certificate, Unique Appearance and Reasonable Design can be of great help for your promotion.
◆ 9. 4th Axis, Transmitting by worm wheel, its accuracy is within 0.04mm.
◆ 10. Tool sensor for Z axis can help you check the tool if the tool touches the surface of the material, it can protect the tool from breaking off.
◆ 11.Spraying Cooling System can help you process the material like metal

Optional Device
1. 4th Axis
2. High-precision Vise
3. Spraying Cooling System
4. Tool sensor for Z axis
5. Manual Oil lubrication system


X,Y, Z Working Area 


CNC System 

DSP--Hand Held Controller

Dictate Format 

G-code, HPGL

Software Supported 

Type3, Artcam, MasterCam etc. 

Driving System 

Stepper Systems with Leadshine’s Driver

Spindle RPM 


Power of Spindle 

1500W water-cooling, 800W Air-cooling

System Resolution 

0.003125 mm/Step

Software Resolution 


Mechanical Resolution 


Positioning Resolution 


Cutting Speed 

Max 300mm/sec

Running Speed 


Power Supply 

AC220V-240V/50HZ or AC110V-120V/60HZ

Engraving Tool 

3.175mm, 4mm and 6mm    OR   1/8“, 1/6" and 1/4"

Transmitting Parts 

Ball screws from Germany, Linear  Guiderail fromHIWIN/PMI

Machine Power 


Running Environment 

Temperature: 0 deg C to 45 deg C; Humidity: 30% to 75%

Package Size 


Net Weight 



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