CNC Routers : Mini Series












The mini series are novel in appearance, firm in structure, powerful in function, easy in operation, reliable in performance and competitive in price.









Model:     H-3030




Engraving size:                                                  300mm x300mmx90mm 
Software resolution:                                          0.001mm 
Mechanical resolution:                                       0.02mm 
Positioning:                                                        0.01mm/300mm 
Repeatability:                                                    0.01mm 
Run speed:                                                        7m/min 
Rapid Travel Speed(Feed Rate):                        Max300mm/sec 
High Frequency Spindle(Spindle built in motor): 800w( Air cooling)/ 1.5kw( Water cooling) 
Rotation Speed(Spindle RPM):                          6000-24000RPM 
Collet Size:                                                       D3.175mm, D4.00mm and D6.00mm 
Control Command sets:                                    NC-Code, G code 
Driving system:                                                 Stepping system with lasdshine's driver 
CNC system;                                                     Mach3(With USB motion controller) 
Interface:                                                          USB 
Power supply:                                                   AC100 to 120V/220V 50/60Hz 
Power consumption;                                         2.0KW 

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