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SL Production Systems


For the past fifteen years we have been helping companies from various industries affordably and reliably bring the prototyping process in-house.

Professional grade, high quality prototypes that match your design and accurately represent your end-product performance and functionality compress the time and cost required to successfully bring your new product to market.


Our SL Production Systems uses stereolithography technology to deliver durable precision parts that are used for design verification, functional prototyping and rigorous testing under the most extreme conditions.

Stereolithography is an additive manufacturing process which employs a vat of liquid ultraviolet curable photopolymer "resin" and an ultraviolet laser to build parts' layers one at a time. For each layer, the laser beam traces a cross-section of the part pattern on the surface of the liquid resin. Exposure to the ultraviolet laser light cures and solidifies the pattern traced on the resin and joins it to the layer below.


Prototypes made by stereolithography are strong enough to be machined and can be used as master patterns for injection molding, thermoforming, blow molding, and various metal casting processes.

The key advantages of Z Rapid SL Production Systems are their ability to rapidly produce highly-detailed models with exceptional aesthetic qualities.

  • Fine detail and smooth surface finishing
  • Accuracy within thousandths of an inch
  • Variety of resins ranging in rigidity, detail, color, clarity and temperature tolerance
  • Capable of light-duty function and service as short-run low-temp tooling
  • Can be painted and finished for presentation, demonstration and photo reproduction
  • Functional parts produced within a few hours or a few working days depending on the size and complexity of the project.


If your need is for prototype models early on in the design process, Z Rapid SL Production Systems make it easy to produce multiple concepts, iterate quickly and get quality feedback.

If robust testing for form, fit and function is required, Z Rapid SL Production Systems offer the highest level of accuracy and precision.

Models:   SL300         SL450        SL600

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